About Us

By Civilization PGH

*Civilization was built by those who would rather ask forgiveness than permission*


Civilization is a brand and lifestyle/streetwear boutique that was created by myself, Nick, in 2018. This store was birthed from a realization I had when visiting New York as a teenager with my parents...there was nowhere cool, but also affordable, to shop in Pittsburgh for guys. 

My goal when opening the store was to create a place that people felt welcome to explore new ideas, hang out with others with similar interests, and just feel welcome in the fashion community. Sometimes this community can be a little too gatekeep-ish and that turns off people who may not know the history. We aim to make everyone feel welcome and hopefully walk out the door in a better mood than when they came in.

Ultimately, it is hard for any small store that is funded and ran by one guy to ever break into the realm of high-end boutiques such as Kith and A Ma Maniere. Who knows, maybe we will get there someday. For now, we love that we are small because it gives us the opportunity to create like nobody is watching. Streetwear isn't just clothing...it is merchandise for a mindset.